Fascist Florida is Inevitable.

Building White Communities

We are a race first, legal Florida group doing everything we can to awaken our people and develop safe White Communities.

Innovative Activism

We stay ahead of our oppressor's in operational security, planning, and messaging. Using every conceivable legal method to further European preservation.



Publishing, Apparel Printing, Sign Making, Internet Marketing, Business, Group Activism, and More.

Don't know where to start?

Message us directly and ask us how you think you can get involved. 

Our Mission: The Right to Self-Preservation

  • White Spaces
    The right to White-only spaces, gatherings, neighborhoods, etc.
  • White Schools
    The right to the education of our own youth.
  • White Businesses
    The right to prioritize employment of our people.
  • White Futures
    The right to develop our own systems, operations, and technologies.

What You'll Get With National Socialists Florida

  • 01 - The basics

  • 02 - Security

  • 03 - Leadership

  • 04 - Opportunities

NSF provides uniforms for free, as well as hands on training for a wide range of skills.

We expect at least Monthly in person attendance, and making the majority of the weekly online meetings. We expect you to conduct yourself well at all times within NSF and living your daily life, because you are a representative of us, and bare the responsibility of spreading our message through your physical and cultural impact. We understand people have obligations to family, work, and other things, and exceptions will naturally be made.

We Operate Differently

This is a New Era, conditions have been thrust upon us that we did not ask for and cannot survive without uniting as a people, and boldly facing our assailants. We operate in a completely legal manner, exercising all means of acquiring security for our folk.

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