Effective Activism.

We don't do events for the sake of events, everything is planned out for maximum security and impact.

Multi-Hub Activism

We operate in clusters across Florida, supplying each one with everything it needs to operate, from uniforms, signs, and printers, to weight lifting and boxing equipment. This allows us a greater attendance, and the ability to pull off multi-location events.

Effective and Secure.

NSF avoids fights, actively pursues good relations with cops, defuses fights, plans extensively, and trains in the event something should ever go wrong - so far nothing has.

Extensive Planning

Every detail and possible vulnerability is considered before event, and planned around for maximum security

Operational Security

Absolute Silence before any event, total bodily coverage and uniformity, and a rigorous censorship process.

Positive Interactions

Outside of Pedophiles, we strive to make any interaction with us as a group a positive experience.

Active Clubs

We train as a group in a wide variety of skills and martial arts, ensuring every member can hold his own.

A Place for our People

Though NSF has high expectations for it's members, most who join would say it's a relief to find themselves among people who share their beliefs and wish to better themselves and those around them. The culture among our people is one of friendly competition, merit, and effectiveness.

Professionalism in Action

NSF Prides itself in maintaining a professional standard in every aspect of our organization, and it's extended operations, always seeking to make positive change for People.

Incredibly Positive Reception in Ocala Florida

Dawning banners with the messages "The Great Replacement is Real" and "End Abortion, Save White Babies" NSF set out to Ocala. The more Rural towns of Florida are full of White People who are aware of our struggle.

NSF at the Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is hot bed for people who understand our racial struggle, making it a low risk high reward event. In order to best capitalize NSF collaborated with the GDL to hand out flyers, hold banners, and project lasers, to yet another positive reception.

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