Working to be “Uncensorable” through innovative Digital Media Campaigns

We throw the widest net possible by posting everywhere we can, and making use of lists to keep up with people even if censored.

Social Media can be Censored. Email, Text, and Push Notifications can't.

To rely purely on Social Media is foolish in todays age - there isn't a single one that can't be censored or deleted, and all your work and following with it. The Solution is using an Email, Text, and Push Notification list, that we own, and can always reach you at.

Email Newsletter

Receive monthly newsletters, guides, after action reports, critical updates, insider information, actionable items, and much more.

Text List

Text messages are sent only when something truly of value must be communicated directly, it's reserved for critical and emergency updates, and very important actionable items.

Push Notifications

Coming Soon - Push Notifications are the most common and comfortable means of being notified today, and is a major area we're lacking in as a community.

Our Socials

NSF has not yet fully achieved it's Social Media Goals and has several content types still to develop. Our goal is to produce every conceivable kind of content we can while maintaining a professional quality standard, and getting it out to as many people as possible, in a targeted and effective manner.

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Censorship is getting tighter and tighter, we need to organize off of Social Media