The Right to Self-Preservation.

Building Infrastructure in Florida

NSF has already established effective Publishing, Apparel Printing, Sign Making and more, this gives us a great deal of influence in sending out a message, as well as the ability to help our fellow man in business. We are building upon this established infrastructure in many ways, looking for innovative ways of keeping our people afloat.

Getting to the Point.

We Demand White Spaces.

We take active measures to fight against the systems attempts to annex our ability to communicate and organize. People are naturally forming their own Schools, Businesses, and Systems around the conditions being placed upon us.

The people who wish to bring us down are not going to stop just because we asked nicely, we must have the ability to resist them.

The Story

NSF Was founded March 2022 by Josh Nunes, who started out seeking to find a group to join, and after being Dissatisfied formed NSF. 

Josh Nunes's background in the Military and T-Shirt Printing Business served him well as he was able to rapidly scale the brand of the organization and make connections with members of the community who also came from a military background.

After starting small and getting several successful activist events under the belt, and tens of thousands of flyers distributed, NSF began exploring more innovative ways of spreading our message, such as high quality videos, lasers, mass banner drops, and many other behind the scenes initiatives to ensure we're one step ahead of our competitors.

The Problem:

We are denied the right to self-preservation or recognition as a people in any form. We can't speak in our interest online, form our own coalitions, schools, or businesses. We are literally not permitted to form a group, in the sense that you will be attacked.

The Solution:

Develop Networks and Systems to strengthen our ability to be self sufficient and resist attempts to reduce us, with the goal of becoming strong and sufficient enough that we can guarantee the future of our people.

Securing White Spaces

Whites spaces are a mandatory factor in securing our future. Without this we have no effective means of organizing, with this we can begin a snowball process as we hone our continually expanding abilities, and reinforce them with already established systems.

White Schools

Coordinated hubs through-out Florida, complimented with sophisticated online schooling systems to aid homeschooling. With the goal being to educate our children in a healthy way that assures their success and happiness in life.

White Businesses

Coordinated Farmer Markets and Commercial Services to Support Communities and Small Businesses. With fundamental services like manufacturing, transportation, food, and technology naturally developing.

White Futures

Over time our communal network will create Disaster Relief programs, Medical Care, Institutions, alternative software & technologies, and more.

Where do you fit in with NSF?

The freedom to act in our self interest through Business, Education, and Institution.

Secure your Future. Join a Large and Growing Community.

Help Spread a positive message, train and get in shape, apply your skills and develop new skills, create new systems and infrastructure, and ultimately be a part of the future our people are searching for.

This isn't Optional.

What future do we have without our people? Even if you were to secure wealth, or a family, what good are those things if your children will be taught to hate you and those that came before them, and intentionally led into doing things that slowly erode them. What future do you have when you're surrounded by people who don't share your values or way of life, and are educated to hate you?

We are the Frontline.

We will not sit idley as our people are demonized and attacked physically, mentally, and spiritually, with the goal of our eventual and permanent replacement.